Sushi Sashimi Recipe

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Originally sushi was developed in Southeast Asia between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC as a way of preserving raw fish in fermented rice. Gutted and salted fish wrapped in fermented rice was stored for months without spoiling. The practice spread to south China before being introduced to Japan around the 8th century. The early form of sushi became an important source of protein for the Japanese. In those days sushi formed an integral part of celebrations during feast days and festivals when it was copiously consumed.


The word sashimi means "pierced body", i.e. "刺身" = sashimi, where 刺 し = sashi (pierced, stuck) and 身 = mi (body, meat). This word dates from the Muromachi period and was possibly coined when the word "切る" = kiru (cut), the culinary step, was considered too inauspicious to be used by anyone other than samurai. This word may derive from the culinary practice of sticking the fish's tail and fin to the slices for the purpose of identifying the fish being eaten.